About us

As much fun as it is to play, daily fantasy sports can be time consuming. With a seemingly endless amount of relevant content available across various mediums, it can be overwhelming trying to digest it all.

At FanShare Sports, we do the time consuming stuff so you don't have to. Each week, we curate hundreds of pieces of daily fantasy sports related articles, tweets, and podcasts. By attaching content from the industry’s best sources to unique player tags, it makes it easier to analyze, both on a "big picture" and player by player basis.

See which players are being hyped the most (and which aren't), sentiment ratings, and more, at FanShare Sports.

Our mission

At FanShare Sports our mission is to make it easier for passionate fans and daily fantasy sports enthusiasts to consume match-up relevant content in a time friendly manner.

We want our members to be able to see the big picture by having access to the right information, all in one place. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a more transparent daily fantasy sports industry.