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What is it?

Buzz score API The best daily fantasy sports players recognize the importance of ownership in building a winning lineup. But how do you actually determine the likely ownership level for a particular player? Well, similar to the financial markets, industry sentiment is an effective indicator of player ownership. The challenge is that in today’s age of social media and information overload, it is increasingly difficult to stay on top of player trends in fantasy sports. Using the FanShare “Buzz Score”, you can easily measure a player’s “buzz” level with our open API and proprietary data. In other words, we tell you who’s actually flying under the radar, and who’s not. The Buzz Score is an algorithm driven by a player’s proportion of total “tags” (i.e. mentions) for that particular week AND we track every player on the slate.

How Does It Work?

Buzz score API Tracking industry sentiment is what we do best at Each week we break down huge volumes of data into bite-sized trends which are easy to digest. The FanShare Buzz Score condenses these trends into a user-friendly “score” from 1-10, relative to the other players on the slate. A score of 10 represents the highest level of relative buzz, and 1 the lowest. While not all buzz is positive, a higher buzz score typically means that player is trending for higher ownership. You can combine the Buzz Score with our Sentiment ratings to provide additional context and allow for a more refined approach to evaluating potential ownership.

How do I integrate Buzz Score on my website?

It’s almost as easy as 1..2..3. We provide you with your own API key and authentication so that every HTTP call generates an updated data feed from the header that includes your key. We do the rest by returning data to the Buzz Score in real-time. We require the FanShare Buzz Score be branded and includes a disclaimer - not for resale or commercial re-licensing and it must link back to See our Terms & Conditions of use at the end of this document.

What does it cost?

Our commitment includes the integrity of real-time data and score relevance and there is NO FINANCIAL COST to the data exchange. See our Terms & Conditions below.

What are the benefits of this partnership?

We believe every partnership is a fair exchange that drives value. We value traffic in an exchange for accurate and timely access to big data that allows DFS players to make better lineup decisions. If you believe as much as we do in the value of Buzz Score insight and sentiment, then we believe you will value the FREE exchange of this data and downstream access to additional content for an additional edge.

How do I sign up?

To set up your own Buzz Score, please contact:

Where can I go to get Technical Support assistance?

Fanshare Sports provides live technical support through online chat, email and phone during regular business hours Monday through Friday (EST).

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